Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory | Vienna

Mödling, Restaurant,Wohnungen

NIT | Mödling


ANK | Vienna 10

inventorshop, Wohnbereich, Appartment,living area,Cafe, breakfast, upcycling

This Is Not a Hotel | Vienna

Korneuburg, Niedrigenergie, Zubau, Minimalhaus

KOR | Korneuburg


Wienhandlung | Vienna

Fassadendetail Villa B.

Weißer Monolith | Mistelbach an der Zaya


FAL | Vienna

Dachgeschoßausbau, Wien, Leopoldstadt, Luxus, Villa, Gaupe

DG R&B | Vienna

Transportmesse München, Via Donau

Via Donau | Munich

Seal Maker Gmbh, Pöttelsdorf bei Mattersburg

Seal Maker | Pöttelsdorf

Wohnbau, freifinanziert, Meidling, Wien

IMM | Vienna

LOSTINARCHITECTURE  Wa are architects in Vienna and Forchtenstein. We are connecting architecture, technology. New, visionary approaches and solutions are generated and integrated in specific projects. A contextual relationship to place and functionality connected with a human dimension allow the unforeseeable concepts that define our architecture.

1070 Wien, Neubaugasse 77/6  I  7212 Forchtenstein, Hochrieglgasse 13/1a  I