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Dachgeschoß R&B

Dachgeschoßausbau, Wien, Leopoldstadt, Luxus, Villa, Gaupe
Vienna -

Take a bath under the stars in the evening. Have breakfast with a view of the Vienna Ferris Wheel and the Donauturm in the morning. Browse books while lying on the sofa with a view to the Ringturm and St. Stephans Dome in the afternoon. Chill out on the roof terrace in the evening with a view…. Here door to door, two acquainted families have made their living dreams reality. Both apartments have a grandiose panoramic outlook towards most of Vienna´s main sights. more»



Mödling, Restaurant,Wohnungen
Mödling -

with access to Mödlings largest backyard, the Museum Park and as a neighbour to Mödling Museum we have designed a new restaurant and a set of modern apartments. more»


Yo.V.A 4plus

YOVA, Wien, MA 19, Y.O.V.A,

Young Viennese Architects 4plus - for the 4th time Vienna startet an initiative for supporting young Viennese Architects. With Bart Lootsma an international expert of architecture
could be acquired for head of jury.


2. Runde Wettbewerb Neubau Seniorenwohnhaus

Seniorenwohnhaus, Salzburg
St.Veit / Pongau -

in der Finalrunde des 2-stufigen Wettbewerbs bildet das denkmalgeschützte Wimmgut am westlichen Ende des Grundstückes das Empfangsgebäude des städtebaulichen Ensembles. Von ihm ausgehend reihen sich entlang der nördlichen Grundgrenze die Baukörper der Wohnbauten und des Seniorenwohnhauses und bilden durch ihre Positionierung den neuen Dorfplatz. more»


This Is Not a Hotel

inventorshop, Wohnbereich, Appartment,living area,Cafe, breakfast, upcycling
Vienna -

an apartmenthotel, providing individual accommodation for travellers that would be distinctly different to a conventional hotel. An authentic  living in Vienna is being offered. more»



Vienna -

4th district - a small, smart winebar in the Freihausviertel in central Vienna offers local wine and gastronomic specialities. A place full of contrasts. more»


Via Donau

Transportmesse München, Via Donau
Munich -

in cooporation with the advertising agency dasuno  we developed a new trade fair stand for Via Donau on the logistic fair. We designed the Danube Rivers form as the conversion of the topographic reality as a European transport axis. more»


Haus am Steinfeld

Villa, Niederösterreich,
Felixdorf -

the design was strongly influenced by the expanse flat landscape and the permanently existing wind. The object is filling in the property rather than filling out the property. It defines its own surrounding space by playing with the visual links between interior and exterior, private and public. Through this has the spaces been created. more»


Austrian Research Centers

Austrian Research Center, Seibersdorf
Seibersdorf -

an invited entry competition for the new entrance building of the Austrian Research Centers quickened us to analyse different geometric forms and their capability for that design. The result of that process based upon the basic element for this study is the cotter pin, which has its formal origin in its relationship to modern science as well as to the logo of the Austrian Research Centers. more»


ZAG Reihenhäuser

Zagersdorf/ Bgld. -

a small number of row houses with energy efficiency A+, were embedded in the detailed structure at the outskirts of the rural village. Despite the housing cooperative and the claimed low costs new space visions for the future inhabitants could be implemented. more»


Weißer Monolith

Fassadendetail Villa B.
Mistelbach an der Zaya -

ancient buildings and evolved substance are non-existent, contemporary architecture is chancing cautiously and scattered to the region. A conscious contrast was given to the undefined surroundings by placing a white monolith with a selfconfident architectural expression in between. The client´s dream of living in the green was fulfilled. more»



Korneuburg, Niedrigenergie, Zubau, Minimalhaus
Korneuburg -

minimal house - width 2,6 metres -  for the client´s children. A small transparent gap acts as a link to the existing house, built in 1904. more»