public/ urban


exhibition room for Bildrecht at the area of Anker Brotfabrik


Client | Bildrecht GmbH

Design | technical and artistical management

Typology | museum | exhibition

Location | Vienna

Stage | built

Area | 230m2

finished | 2018


A new areal for artists should be installed. The new spaces consist at once an exhibition room, living space for artists and zones for meeting with passers-by. The room should be multifunctional and flexible perfectly fitting into the old ensemble. Our conception allows an extension of the interior museum area. A link between inside and outside. The extension of the `Bildraum´ is towards the terrace noticeable.

The old industrial shape and forms were renovated gently. That they are generating `the room for the art´. The essential functions were included into the walls and alcoves. The design of the exterior area support passers-by to interact – the barrier to art should be vanished. The Studio in the `Brotfabrik ´in Vienna is giving fresh impulses for a cultural live in situ.