Via Donau

new trade fair stand for Via Donau on the logistic fair


Client | Via Donau GmbH

Design | technical and artistic management

Typology | Exhibition

Location | Munich

Stage | built

Via Donau

We designed the Danube Rivers form as the conversion of the topographic reality as a European transport axis. The design concept for Via Donau’s trade fair stand is a visual interpretation of the Danube River’s potential. The form of the blue sculpture is based on the conversion of the topographic reality and symbolises the supplying axis between middle Europe and the Black Sea.

It provides all the necessary elements, such as an info-desk, bar with small kitchen and space for terminals and storage of literature. The surrounding bank as a place to stay and spinning contacts. The spatial design is based on a wide platform symbolising the Danube region, constructed in wooden frames based on the boatbuilding techniques, later on coated. The form is signalising the steady growth of the river and symbolises the connecting part from one end to the other.