top floor extention with two units and a panoramic view


Client | private

Design | project management

Typology | residence 

Location | Vienna

Stage | built 

Area | 360m2


Take a bath under the stars in the evening. Have breakfast with a view of the Vienna Ferris Wheel and the Donauturm in the morning. Browse books while lying on the sofa with a view to the Ringturm and St. Stephans Dome in the afternoon. Chill out on the roof terrace in the evening with a view.

Here door to door, two acquainted families have made their living dreams reality. Both apartments have a grandiose panoramic outlook towards most of Vienna┬┤s main sights. The exposed position on the corner of the block together with the existing height of the classic building and the layout of the roof extention made these panoramic views possible near the Karmeliter Market in the second district of Vienna. The minimal space of the roof was maximized cleverly.This was done by having an open planned living area connected to the kitchen and entrance hall to allow for flexible space separations. And also through the decision to construct a second floor for the generous roof garden which is reached by a white, light stair.