Innovation Factory

concept for an innovativ working landscape


Client | Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH

Design | technical and artistic management

Typology | office and interior concept 

Location | KVienna

Stage | built

Area | 120m2

finished | 2018

Innovation Factory

An innovativ working landscape to run an Innovation Factory for networking of Austrian Federal Compunting Centre. It is based on a spatial interpretation of Austrians topography. A river flows through the room and structures it into particular spaces. The river also aided the innovation factory with the needed infrastructure. In doing so the particular spaces and needed connections between them are defined, which is necessary for the development process. Customer Input - problem definition - brainstorming - retreat area - presentation of the solutions.

The abstracted course of the river translate the multifuncional structure of the room and carry the necessary supply like the reception, seats and storage space. Vertical elements separated parciular zones of the open-plan office and allows a visual and acoustical subdivision.The furniture is flexible and mobile and so adaptable for the different reqirements.

Out of this interpretation developed a common work-landscape and becomes to an image carrier which supports the identification of all partners from other ferderal states.