public/ urban

Office Living

adaptation of an old carter house


Client | private

Design | technical and artistic management

Typology |  office building

Location | Vienna

Stage | in progress 

Office Living

The adaptation of an old carter house in the city-center of Vienna links office areas with the living needs of the client. The solution was pretty difficult - orientated to the northwest, existing high surroundings with huge walls on the boarders, seemed to make sun exposure and natural lightning impossible.

Through folding up the back garden by designing a green landscape up to the attic, are levels of garden created. They give connection between living and green, as well better sun exposure of garden.

Due to the possibility of double accessing the house  the working area is reachable from the main street; more crowded one, positioned on the ground floor and organized around the atrium while the living area is vertically separated on the other floors. Living area is connected to the garden because of the calming green atmosphere which is not disturbed by traffic. Two living zones are graduated from street to the atrium and yard. Billiard room, guest room and kitchen are “protecting“ important, quiet zones of sleeping and  living  which both are in contact with the greens - atrium and back yard. Terraces are completing that landscape.