Shops onTV

redesigning shops for a successful future as part of an ORF series


Client | Tresor TV Produktions GmbH

Design | technical and artistic management | Interior Design

Typology | shop

Location | Vienna

Stage | built

finished | 2012

Shops onTV

Within a week respectively, and on a minimal budget, several (and different kinds of) shops have been renovated and redesigned. The proprietors have thus been given the opportunity for a quick and cost-efficient re-launch.

As part of an ORF series, six different premises were remodelled into new, modern and promising shops. Within a week, each business was presented with a design concept and subsequent direct implementation. The businesses involved included a jewellery designer, the owner of a dog shop, the proprietor of a Hobby shop and a Hairdresser.

Along with the renovation, the formula for a successful future relied on new, open and customer-friendly rooms and a colour-concept matching the corporate identity.