Premiere Classe

modular installation for one of the gratest tradeshows for fashion


Client | Austrian Fashion Showcase

Design | technical and artistic management

Typology | exhibition

Location | Paris

Stage | built

Premiere Classe

With a modular and lavish installation, seventeen Austrian labels are presented on one of the greatest tradeshows for fashion and accessory.

Equal status and optimal positioning for every single designer were one of the main tasks. A modular and uniform system based on the manifold synoptic show and the co-occurence with the AUSTRIAN FASHION SHOWCASE .

The central location within the Premiere Classe makes an open and fully walk through exhibition parkour possible. It exsists of two islands on which each designer got the very same representing area combined and picked out of five moduls - racks and sticks. A table for meeting and selling is integrated unobtrusively and combined with a safe. Natural timber and hot-rolled steel characterises the PopUp Platform.

`The creative concept continues the ideas of the overall picture. In the form of an avant-garde parkour the visitors are invited to start a journey across the Austrian fashion scenery. ยด (Creative Industries Styria)

co-working with Georg Grasser | Camille Boyer