Haus T.

residential house in the midst of Wienerwald for our Bergfex


Client | privat


Typology |  residence 

Location | Klosterneuburg

Stage | study

Area | 168m2

Haus T.

Extreme athlete, alpinist, biker - close to nature the client - a lawyer - spends most of his free time outdoors. He bought a hillside plot midst the Wienerwald. These facts had an impact on our design.

Tracking the theme of the mountain, while folding in on itself as a protagonist towards the slope and modelling the surface as a monolith spread out. The building, linear fixed in its back, cantilevers as an artificial contrast to the natural kept terrain.
The flexed and looped parts of the stony black monolith are appropriate to free climbing. For the client the openness of the house allows the border between the snug interior and the wild free natur to become blurred.