Haus S.

residential house with the `BEST HOUSE Niederösterreich´ Award


Client | private

Design |  project management

Typology | residence

Location | Felixdorf

Stage | built 

Area | 194m2

Haus S.

The design was strongly influenced by the expanse flat landscape and the permanently existing wind. The project was awarded with `BEST HOUSE Niederösterreich´. The object is filling in the property rather than filling out the property. It defines its own surrounding space by playing with the visual links between interior and exterior, private and public.

Through this has the spaces been created. The single-storey structure is divided into residential and sleeping units, respectively, with a corridor connecting them. On one side of this corridor are boxlike structures that contain secondary rooms and provide structure to the space.
This layout creates five specific exterior rooms, a roofed forecourt, a breakfast terrace, a residential courtyard sheltered from the wind, a rear veranda and a light well for the residential basement. The principle of zones is strengthened by the use of varying materials and surfaces. A wide variety of interior situations is thus created, the open fireplace provides a strong accent in the living room, which flows seamlessly into the residential courtyard.