public/ urban

cafe swinwart

a metamorphosis of vacancy


Client | Viertelfestival NÖ Weinviertel

Design | technical and artistic management

Typology | culture 

Location | Groß Schweinbarth

Stage | built

finished | 2017

cafe swinwart

The project bethinks the development potential of the village. A temporary coffee shop was getting started in the vacant Meierhof in the middle of Groß Schweinbarth. It should act as a platform for creating ideas for initiating the revival of the area while leaving room for cultural and artistic exchange.

In cooperation with the Viertelfestivals NÖ 2017 and in common with the citizens we are going to cook, to design, to construct, to experiment musically with other cultures. Finally we open an exhibition with collected things from the inhabitants, enclosed their rememberings and old stories. In the Meierhof there is a new outdoor furniture, which was designed by us and built together with the help of them. In a DADA-workshop every day items mutate to masterpieces.The coffee shop is the base for developing inputs and new ideas for the future possibilities of the vacant location Meierhof.