public/ urban

Laden/ Hüter

vacancies in the centre of smaller cities are witnesses of migration


Client | Viertelfestival NÖ - Mostviertel

Design | technical and artistic management

Typology | art project

Location | Stadt Haag

Stage | built

finished | 2016

Laden/ Hüter

And they are the loss of social structures, but on the other hand abandoned spaces gave place to creative ideas and inputs. These can activate the life in the village centres. INSIDE OUT is a graphic and spatial intervention for areas in vancant premises, reflected  into the public space. The passersby are invited to interact. 3D figures in petrol blue can be stacked, shifted and modified.

Within the program of the art project `` LADEN/HÜTER ´´   we play with two artist at two vacant premises in Stadt Haag for two months. At the same time impulses for later usage and alternative ranges for applications . The inhabitants of the city are  involved in the creative process.

Viertelfestival Niederösterreich- Mostviertel 2016  - out of 151 projects with the topic CENTRIFUGAL we were selected with the interpretation of LADEN/HÜTER.

decision of the jury - `` They deal with the characteristics of the region artistically and have the distinction of being authentic and eager to try out new things.´´

event location:  Stadt Haag, vacant premises

opening : 20. Mai 2016

duration of project : 20. Mai 2016 – 17. Juli 2016

participants: Isabell Kneidinger  , Thomas Weinberger , Katrin Pröll, Gerfried Hinteregger, Connie Herzog

The art project `` LADEN/HÜTER ´´ takes place under the programme of the „Viertelfestival NÖ – Mostviertel 2016“ and the realization was possible with the additionally, kindly support of the city of Haag, KIM and the summer theatre of Haag.