public/ urban


invited city planing competition for a new gate to Zagreb


Client | Immokor Buzin d.o.o

Typology | city planning and office

Location | Zagreb

Stage | competition


With its close proximity to the international airport of Zagreb it will act as a gate to the city with unique modern urban solutions. Inspired by the mountains behind Zagreb the design reflects the silhouette of the mountains. The amplitudes define the volumes that translates into new urban structures. An aware contrast between artificial buildings and the wilderness was the consequence. The landscape forms urban islands surrounded by wild green areas. The urban islands are covered with hard-, water- or green surface while surrounding areas are left untouched with natural vegetation. Pedestrian walkways passes through the surrounding wild connecting the urban islands with access routes.

Three basic types of buildings are created with variables such as numbers of floors, axes and movement of architectural surface. Strict rectangular forms provide a flexible space for dynamic companies as well as economic demands of the investors. The island typology is ideal for preforming a multi-phase development of the masterplan since a single island unit already stands as a entity when erected.
The traffic concept eliminates traffic on the urban islands. One access road runs between the central islands connected with access points to underground parking located underneath the urban islands. Several public transportation stops are located throughout the area to ensure connectivity for commuters and visitors.