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Wohnbau, freifinanziert, Meidling, Wien
freifinanzierter Wohnbau Meidling
freifinanzierter Wohnbau Meidling, Fassade
Detail, Fassade, Wohnbau Sedlak
freifinanzierter Wohnbau Meidling

The construction was made as an exo-structural system with two fixed positions for wet rooms. The building is located in the middle of the city so we felt a need to create a green space for residents. The living spaces are orientated to the garden and the sleeping quarters to the street. All  chosen colours were inspired by colours found in a garden. The colours palette used for the facade is hazelnut and pistachio. The inviting entrance hall narrows as it leads to that garden and the main staircase that is illuminated by a big skylight that brings down light though a vertical light corridor from the roof to the entry floor. This floor-plan concept allows for direct lighting in the flats via the bay windows that enliven the facade on the street side as well as on the courtyard side, which features a captivating play of protruding loggias and balconies.