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Haus am Steinfeld

Villa, Niederösterreich,
Atriumhaus, Steinfeld, Das beste Haus 2005
Atriumhaus, Steinfeld, Das beste Haus 2005
Atriumhaus, Steinfeld, Das beste Haus 2005

The single-storey structure is divided into residential and sleeping units, respectively, with a corridor connecting them. On one side of this corridor are boxlike structures that contain secondary rooms and provide structure to the space. This layout creates five specific exterior rooms, a roofed forecourt, a breakfast terrace, a residential courtyard sheltered from the wind, a rear veranda and a light well for the residential basement. The principle of zones is strengthened by the use of varying materials and surfaces. A wide variety of interior situations is thus created, the open fireplace provides a strong accent in the living room, which flows seamlessly into the residential courtyard.