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Austrian Research Centers

Austrian Research Center, Seibersdorf
Empfangsgebäude Seibersdorf, Wettbewerb
Empfangsgebäude Seibersdorf, Wettbewerb
Grundriss Eingangsgebäude Wettbewerb Seibersdorf
Interior, Wartebereich Seibersdorf
Austrian Research07
Austrian Research08

The cotter pins are formulated as a modular connection to the existing gateway and can be varied flexibly in a wide variety of situations as the basis for a corporate architecture with a high recall value.
Eight parallel bands are superimposed over the entrance complex of the Austrian Research Centers in Seibersdorf, defining by their specific modelling the areas of access road, gate, entrance and lounge.
The cotter pins form the walls and interior furnishings of the entrance hall building, which transports the identity of the institution as a brand icon to employees and visitors.