public/ urban

Peter Marina

design for the new Marina and Sailing Center of Saint Petersburg


Client | Grotex International Ltd.

Design | projection

Typology | transport

Location | St. Petersburg

Stage | cancelled 

Peter Marina

The architectural concept provides a functional, sportive and service-oriented port for sailing- and motor yacht owners with all maintenance and service works. The creation of an artificial peninsula near the highway loop of Saint Petersburg next to Kronstadt offers a fast connection to the city center as well as access to deep water because of just one narrow canal leading directly to the city.

The organic design was developed starting from the original rectangular landfill next to the highway, releasing from this axis and orienting towards the sea lane, shaping in order to create a form with highest functionality and efficiency, finally getting protected by the wing-shaped breakwaters.

The whole plot consists of three areas-the Sailing Center is the nautical heart of Peter Marina, designated to passionate experts as well as to junior trainees. The Yacht Club with a helipad on its roof is the club member’s meeting place with its own restaurant, a multifunctional conference room and a guest house attached. The Sailing School, located directly on the shore of its dedicated protected bay, offers theoretical lectures and practical instructions for basic and continuing nautical education. The northern breakwater is an external public recreation area providing fascinating look-outs to trippers stopping over. The gas station with a highway restaurant on top is placed near the marina’s gateway and the sea lane servicing yachtsmen as well as car drivers. A distinctive landmark is formed by the height of the buildings on the central pier in the middle of the marina basin increasing towards the pier head.

Together with the passionate sailing client, who was also investor of the Volvo Ocean Race - Team Russia  and his skipper, Andreas Hanakamp , an Austrian Olympian, we developed a perfect modern concept for a functional, sportive an service-orientated marina.