public/ urban

Luxury Blue

Installation for an art festival with the issue `Unsecure TerrainĀ“


Client | Soho in Ottakring

Design | concept

Typology | art project

Location | Vienna

Stage | built

finished | 2012

Luxury Blue

By passing the walk-in installation, the misuse and shortage of water by producing plastic waste in the future should be experienced physically.

Located on the Yppenplatz, a public market area in the 16th district of Vienna, the sculpture of 3615 recycled bottles of mineral water is there a foreign body. The two slabs and the surrounding space create a dynamical movement based on the characteristics of the bottles and their possibility to stack. In a modular system the whole structure was pre-fabricated in our studio for transport and fitting on site by sliding down the steelconstruction where they are sticked and linked together. The colour pattern based on the commercially available Austrian bottles of mineral water and their share in the market was generated by computer.

Many thanks to our team, the structural engineers, the people from the waste and water management of Vienna, the photographer.