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Haus am Weinberg

Krems, Einfamilienhaus, Villa, Hanggrundstück, Ausblick
Atriumhaus, Stratzing, Wachau
Atriumhaus Donau
Sichtbeton, Max Exterior
Krems, Entrancearea, concrete
Stratzing Einfamilienhaus
Donau, Hanghaus

The materials were chosen as a sensible contrast to the surrounding wild garden. The sleeping area develops from the carport, which is on the downward-facing slope and covered by an elegant reinforced concrete flying roof. The wing’s facade of exposed concrete is rather introverted, providing a suitable grip to the building’s position on the slope. The residential areas, on the other hand, are open, almost floating above the basement level and stretching its striking “nose” self-confidently towards the valley. This effect is strengthened by the wine-red colour of the facade.

The residence is divided into a living and a slepping areas what can be seen on the structure of the facade. The spatial relationships of the views which were always very important for us, were achieved by the special arrangement of the openings for the inhabitants and for the bypassers as well.