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A1 Container Bürogebäude

A1_Container, Bad Fischau
Bad Fischau -

The company A1 Container needed a new headquarters, composed of containers, of course. more»


Austrian Research Centers

Austrian Research Center, Seibersdorf
Seibersdorf -

an invited entry competition for the new entrance building of the Austrian Research Centers quickened us to analyse different geometric forms and their capability for that design. The result of that process based upon the basic element for this study is the cotter pin, which has its formal origin in its relationship to modern science as well as to the logo of the Austrian Research Centers. more»


Seal Maker Firmenzentrale

Seal Maker Gmbh, Pöttelsdorf bei Mattersburg
Pöttelsdorf -

due to their upcoming expansion the international manufacturer of flexible seal production systems, Seal Maker GmbH, asked  for a new Head Office. more»


Firmenzentrale Styriabrid

Südsteiermark, Sankt Veit am Vogau, Schweinezuchtverein
St.Veit am Vogau -

it must be a modern new headquarter as a signal for their open mindedness. Thats what the manager and the assiciates of Styriabrid GesmbH insisted on more»